Negril is one of the most popular regions for travelers to the island, not only because it holds a lot of the resorts but also because of its beach, food and entertainment. This particular blog post will identify as the name suggests, restaurants that are top choices for anyone to visit who wants to enjoy a good environment and a good meal. We have detailed 8 options giving you a brief description with just enough information so you can decide whether or not it is for you.

These are not based on our personal opinions but by research done up to the date this blog was published, on reviews and feedback given by travelers like yourself. Should any information change we will definitely make the effort to have the blog reflect what is current. Each of these locations can also be verified on Trip Advisor (quick link on each name), where you can match and compare all details given.

Lets get started


Zimbali Retreats    

Prices range: $50 – $80 depending on course choice and add-ons.

Zimbali offers quite a unique experience. Situated outside of the town area, this restaurant is more than just a quick sit down for a meal. If you’re looking for a touch of fine dining with traits indigenous to Jamaica along with delectable course meals then this is definitely the choice for you.

Being outside the town, you start off on an approximate 45 minute journey enjoying rustic but scenic views of western Jamaica; this in itself creates anticipation of what to expect when you arrive, a thrilling feeling experienced whenever you go on off the beaten track explorations.  Arriving at Zimbali Retreats you will be greeted by courteous staff, provided with freshly made juices, very refreshing by the way. You are then ushered on a farm tour which lasts for about 20 minutes, this aspect is both fun and informative. You will see the expanse of natural farm lands with the different fruits and produce used in your meal preparations, completely organic in its cultivation.

Now to our favorite part if you’re a foodie, the dining experience. This portion is delicately handled by great chefs who provide you with Juices or a glass of wine based on your preference. You are given entrees to select from, you then watch as your meals are prepared right in front of you. The interaction is also another plus for this restaurant, while watching (for curious self-taught chefs) you learn of the spices and how to actually create a masterful Caribbean dish.

I must say, apart from meals with great distinct flavors and personable staff that really make this tour experience most memorable it is actually topped off with live entertainment which is on selective days of the week, great for single traveler or a family outing.

Our recommendation:

Try the plantain cakes and pumpkin bisque, it’s delicious.

The Rockhouse Restaurant   

Price Ranges: $13 – $50 depending on course choices and add-ons.

Another popular restaurant choice among travelers is The Rockhouse Restaurant, located on the West End Road of Negril sitting just on the cliffs of the acclaimed “Pristine Cove”. This restaurant features a touch of a relaxed atmosphere with a hint of fine dining, perfect for those who want Jamaican with a bit of modern ambiance.

Having both the option of reservations as well as walk-in, you are able to make preparations for a special breakfast, lunch or dinner meal or you can simply pop in and gain the experience. The seating layout caters to both indoor and outdoor dining, another great option boasted by this restaurant.

Meal choices were found to be quite diverse and just as delicious in every avenue, from meat and seafood specialties to vegan courses; so coming here there is something for everyone to eat. The use of varied flavors to tantalize each meal is what keeps travelers coming back. Their drink selections are also commendable as you are able to choose from freshly expressed natural juices to a great stirred or mixed drink.

Our Recommendation:

Try the Surf and Surf dinner option, it’s really great.


Blue Mahoe Restaurant at the Spa Retreat  

Price Ranges: $7 – $35 depending on course choices and add ons.

The Blue Mahoe Restaurant is definitely a good visit for both new and returning travelers. Just as its’ name, this restaurant caters to a unique style, situated also on the cliffs of the West End Road in Negril, overlooking the endless turquoise waters surrounding this great island.

Offering both an indoor and outdoor dining experience, you enjoy a perfect blend of Jamaican and contemporary ambiance. Aside from its’ great exterior when you enter you are greeted by a friendly atmosphere and cheerful staff making it hard to pass up on a good meal in a great restaurant.

Meals here don’t stray too far from local specialties, so no need to worry if you want to enjoy an all Jamaican meal. Courses range from seafood delights to meat and vegetarian dishes, coming here there is always something to choose from. Catering to breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes you can simply pop in and start indulging in a well prepared meal.

If not a meal, you can also enjoy their range of drink options from fruit based juices to popular Jamaican drink mixes.

Our Recommendation:

Try the Whole Roasted Steam Fish, truly delicious.


Murphy’s West End Restaurant  

Price Ranges: $7 – $30 depending on course choices and add ons.

Located on Lighthouse Road Negril, Murphy’s West End Restaurant is an authentic Jamaican restaurant that appeals to the many taste palates. Being in the town area of Negril this restaurant is close enough for an impromptu meal or a well thought of reservation, breakfast servings are reservation only.

When you enter Murphy’s West End Restaurant you are greeted with a natural landscape; clean, plant decorated environment, great for those who still want to feel that rustic Jamaican atmosphere even when having breakfast, lunch or dinner. One part we found mentally refreshing were the single thatched houses with hammocks, great for relaxing from a day of excursions or a long walk from your hotel. For many persons this made the dining even better.

Meals are served in the open outdoors or if you prefer a semi open setting, tables and chairs are lined just outside the bar area which is slightly enclosed.

Now for the food section, couldn’t wait. What we found that stood out for this restaurant is their command on the Jamaican flavors and food variety.  Preferences ranged from seafood meals to meat and vegetarian dishes. The drink ranges were also good from natural juices to popular Jamaican brands.

Our Recommendation:

Try the Jamrock Fried Fish, it’s really great.

Push Cart Restaurant  

Price Ranges: $7 – $30 depending on course choices and add ons.

Push Cart Restaurant caters to the taste bud needs of all jerk fans. It is a sister restaurant to the Rockhouse , built especially for all jerk lovers. Located on the West End Road of Negril and open from the hours of 4pm to 10pm, featuring nightly guest artists and music this spot is ideal for a quick meal and good entertainment.

Resting just on the cliffs, you get a great view of the sunset and glisten waters below. It has a cosy layout, perfectly combined with a fantastic horizon.

They serve many jerk entrees and some local dishes, both spicy and mild to your suiting, along with local flat breads also known as Bammy or Johnny cakes also known as festivals; these are an all-time favorite.

Drink options are also commendable as the variety is suiting to taste of the many travelers that visit.

Our Recommendation:

Di Real Jerk Chicken, says it all.

Office of Nature Restaurant  

Price Ranges: $15 – $25 depending on meal choice and drink.

Strolling down the beach, enjoying the waves and salty air but could use a meal? This is definitely the spot for you. Office of Nature is a small rustic Jamaican seafood grill operated by locals who catch and prepare meals for travelers.

Located on Blood Bay Negril just on the sea shore, this is a popular spot for a quick seafood meal and a drink. The oceanic view captivates as you indulge in local cuisines and spices, while interacting with the chef and bartender.

Definitely an out of the norm experience.

Ras Rody Road Side Organic Restaurant  

Price Ranges: $7 – $18 depending on meal choice

If you are a vegan foodie that wants to enjoy healthy organic meals while away from home, Ras Rody Road Side Organic Restaurant is one of the great choices.

A small rustic town restaurant but big on quality, a great stop for vegetarian lovers.

This food caterer is located on West End Road of Negril near the heart of many hotels in the region. Operated by a local chef Ras Rody Road Side Organic Restaurant is well known for its delectable meals and heart healthy recipes.

Quality’s Sea Breeze Restaurant and Bar  

Price range: $7 – $18 depending on meal choice

Another great spot operated by a local, Quality’s Sea Breeze Restaurant and Bar, is a good selection for persons looking to enjoy locally prepared meals that involve hanging with the locals.

Located on the West End Road of Negril this restaurant is a popular choice among travelers who wish to not only enjoy the resorts or villas but also locally operated diners.

Meals range from meat to non-meat with just the right amount of Caribbean taste and spice. Drink selections are moderate with the choice of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

That sums up our list of top recommended Negril Restaurant choices. We hope this helps you to better find that perfect restaurant suiting to your taste.

Happy dining!