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Montego Bay Restaurant Choices


Regarded as the second city of Jamaica, Montego Bay is home to many of the most popular resorts, sporting activities and entertainment on the island also harbouring one of three cruise ports, we can definitely say it has lived up to its’ name.  Not only does it cater to airline travelers but cruise travelers alike, so essential many persons traverse the geography of the Montego Bay region on a frequent basis in and out of season. Like our previous blog post we will continue to highlight the restaurant options that top the recommendation list, giving you a better chance to get more acquainted to this tourist region as it pertains to meals and restaurant choices.

Our blog was created to help all visitors make better informed decisions when it comes to having a great time on your vacation or short visits to Jamaica. It is made up solely of feedback from travelers and reviewers like yourself and not to our personal bias. We spent long hours researching and garnering all the details to make all our published posts as close to accurate as we possibly could, should any information change we will make the updates respectively. 

Let’s get started


Mystic India 

Price Range: $10 – $40 depending on meal choice.     

The Mystic India is an authentic Indian cuisine class of caterers. Located on the shopping mall in Ironshore, the Whitter Village, this restaurant is in close proximity to the Riu, Sandals and Rosehall Hoteliers and just minutes from the Montego Bay Freeport Hotels.

If you are looking for something different, spicy to mild or just plain Indian food this is a great choice for you. Meals are solely Indian recipes being rich in flavour and diversity with ranges from meat to non-meat dishes; a great selection for anyone to enjoy.

Having a touch of fine dining and well adorned Indian décor, The Mystic India you out of modern Jamaica to a home in India. They accommodate reservations or walk-ins so you can easily plan a special occasion meal or just a stop by to order from the menu.

Drink options are moderate having local drink selections.

Our Recommendation:

The Mala Kebab, really delicious.


Tokyo Jo’s

Price Range: $10 – $40 depending on meal choice.

The Tokyo Jo’s is a Japanese style restaurant offering Japanese oriented dishes and cuisines. Located on the Sandals Montego Bay property, this food caterer is ideally minutes away from the airport and Montego Bay to Rosehall hotels, great for stopping by for a quick meal or reservations.

Entering the Tokyo Jo’s you are greeted by a warm and friendly staff embraced by a great dining layout. Also being on the water front, you not only enjoy good meals but visually enticing scenery of the Caribbean allure waters, a wow moment.

A commendable aspect of this restaurant is the open kitchen where chefs prepare your meals visibly showing off their talented skills and expertise.  Meals range from meat to vegetarian dishes, so just about anyone can be satisfied. Drink choices are also commendable as you can choose from alcoholic to non-alcoholic beverages along with popular brands.

Our recommendation:

The Shrimp gyozas


Sugar Mill Restaurant

Price Range: $25 – $100 depending on meal choice.

If you are looking for a great fine dining restaurant with a touch of classic Jamaica, this is the place for you. This restaurant features refined Jamaican culinary art wrapped in rich history and authentic Jamaican flavours. Located on the Half Moon Resort property, it features a quaint modern plantation setting perfectly accentuated with contemporary luxuries.

Offering a dinner only menu with reservations only, dining at this restaurant is time well thought of and time well spent.  Meal selections range from meat to non-meat dishes, always applaudable as the variety doesn’t seem to disappoint. Meals are well prepared with natural Jamaican spices and blends, with some twist from the usual.

Drink selections were also on point, as options ranged from high end alcoholic beverages to non-alcoholic juices.

Our Recommendation;

The coconut crusted grouper Fillet


Seagrape Terrace

Price Range: $25 – $100 depending on meal choice.

Also a fine dining restaurant on the Half Moon Resort, this restaurant is similar to its neighbour the Sugar Mill Restaurant in reference to its ambiance and sumptuous meals. The differentiator is you are able to have breakfast, lunch and dinner under reservations at the Seagrape Terrace. Perfect for visitors who not only want a well prepared dinner but also breakfast or lunch.

Providing both local and international cuisines you are able to indulge in local specialities as well as comfort foods you are familiar with in your own country, calming for those travellers who want to feel just at home.

Meals range from meat to vegetarian delights, catering to the variety of diet preferences. Drink options are also commendable as variation is perfectly balanced.

Our recommendation:

Pan Fried Fillet of Red Snapper.


Petite Pariz

Price Range: Property pass restaurant is included

Want a taste of France on the shores of Jamaica? Then this is definitely a choice for you. The Petite Pariz offers an elaborate Parisian style with fine dining French cuisine. Located on the Hyatt Zilara property of the Rose Hall Hotels, this French delight is literally just minutes away from all neighbouring Montego Bay resorts or villas.

Providing dinner only services on weekdays, weekends however visitors can indulge in both breakfast and lunch preparations, enjoying resplendent meals wrapped and bowed in a culinary French art, boasting distinct flavours and spices.

Drink options are satisfactory in variety, from non-alcoholic to top brand beverages.

Our Recommendation:

The Lamb Chops.


Mystic Thai

Price Range:

By just the name we know what this caterer is all about; speciality Thai gourmet dishes. Mystic Thai brings to Montego Bay all the mystical wonders of delectable Thailand. Located on the upcoming town centre of corporate Montego Bay, the Fairview complex, just minutes from the Freeport resorts also the other Hotels and Villas throughout Montego Bay.

Enjoy authentic Thai recipes, marinated in strong aromatic components with a spicy edge then topped off with complimentary décor and ambiance, this food aficionado is one not to be missed.

Offering varying meal options for the many palates, you can rest assured there is something on the menu anyone can enjoy. Drink options are also suitable and with adequate variety.

Our Recommendation:

The Dim Sum



Price Range: $12 – $25 depending on meal choice.

One meal preparation Jamaica is primarily known for is its’ jerk whether: chicken, pork, lambs or seafood, we always seem to get it right. Scotchies Jamaica is one of the pioneering representations of our raw talent at jerk meals. Located in the town area of Ironshore it is perfectly nestled in the heart of the tourist central of Montego Bay, so a quick and easy trip from any resort.

Situated alongside a fantastic ocean view this restaurant has a rustic laidback open air setting, perfect for the “ole Jamaican” techniques used to create such rich, densely spiced and flavourful jerk meals. It offers a true past time Jamaican experience that is second to none on the island or in the Caribbean, as shared by many past travellers and reviewers.

For those interested in a tasty hot sauce you definitely put some into the small cups and dip with every bite.

Drink options are moderate with essentially popular local brands

Our recommendation:

Whole Jerk Chicken


The HouseBoat Grill & Bar

Price Range: $25 – $100 depending on meal selections

A waterfront dining experience, tucked away on lush tropical beauty, the House Boat Grill is a unique dining experience for both local and travellers alike. Located on the Freeport expanse of properties, this restaurant is right next door to all Freeport resorts and minutes away from all other resorts throughout Montego Bay.

It features a full waterfront view with both indoor and outdoor seating, perfect for a romantic night out of just a good time with friends. Offering dinner only services, this restaurant is intimately arrayed with a touch of fine dining.

Dinners are well prepared with suitable options to suite multiple taste buds, drink options are also very good ranging from juices to popular brand liqueurs and wines.

Our Recommendation:

Grilled Tenderloin of Beef


Juici Patties

Price Range: $2 – $7 depending on selections

This fast food restaurant is a popular stop among locals and has grown to become a fan of many travellers who want to enjoy the infamous ‘Jamaican Beef Patties’. Located on the Fairview complex as well as downtown Montego Bay, this restaurant is never short on customers.

Having their core function as the production and sale of patties you are able to enjoy varieties ranging from beef, shrimp, chicken to vegetable as well as loaves and bread. Drink options are limited to mainly local brand juices overall this restaurant is a one stop satisfaction.

You cannot compare these patties to overseas knock offs, this original taste can only be found in Jamaica. You can also buy a box just before you’re leaving on the plane and bring some home for your friends and family.

Our recommendation:

The Beef and Cheese Patty