Our Story

Our inspiration was born out of a desire to serve and a strong willingness to go the distance to see you smile. Jamaica has many delights and surprises. We felt that desire to not only showcase our God given skills but to also share the magnificent beauty he designed with every visitor to the Island.

We are currently based in Montego Bay, a small team that works tirelessly to bring you the best service. Being locals to the island, we are very knowledgeable of our Jamaican history, terrain and the best kept secrets of our culture.

We take great pleasure in welcoming everyone and hope that the friendships made will last for a lifetime.

Why Book With Us

  • We Understand Your Needs 100% 100%
  • Our Staff are Knowledgeable and Experienced 100% 100%
  • We Aim to Provide the BEST Service 100% 100%
  • We Are Highly Rated on TripAdvisor 100% 100%
  • We are Flexible & Accommodating 100% 100%